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Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips After Service

Hello friends. I want to know some suggestions for the maintenance of your washing machine so be ready for this. As you know the washing machine is important in today’s era of life and playing a beneficial role and making our life easy and saving our time. So through this blog, I want to give some suggestions for the maintenance of your washing machine. 

Let’s start our interesting topic-

1.keep the checking of hoses

You should be aware this is a very useful technique,  always maintain your hoses and check this regularly . tight the hoses and be aware of this.

2.Wipe down the drum , door and gasket

You should do this in a month and take care of this and ensure to check every day and maintain it regularly. you must be aware and clean the gasket .Some people take out washed clothes from the washing machine tub and temporarily keep it. if you don’t care about this then it damages your washing machine.

3.measure your detergent on washing machine:-

Most of the time some people forget the measure of detergent. You must be aware that always read the instructions of your appliances and make sure you use the correct type and amount of detergent for your machine .You don’t use too much soap because it damages the washer resistance. and you always focus on the capacity of the washing machine.  Follow the washing machines.

4.clean the lint filter after every wash of washing machine

The technique of this phenomenon is simple and easy to do and simply you have done the cleaning of the lint filter after every wash and take care of this nozzle. If you do this process after every wash then you will maximize the efficiency of your washing machine. but you can prevent the fine cotton cloth and don’t stick the lint from the sticking on your clothes.

5.Avoid using hard water (boring water /well water)to wash the cloth

First, you have to know about the hard water  . The hard water is basically a mixture of sodium-potassium and too many minerals and salt. if you use this too heavy water it leads to damage to your machine efficiency and affects the fitter engine. The hard water does not form the leather foam and your dirty clothes are not washed properly.

That’s why you should always use soft water and then wash your clothes properly.

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