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Top Five Ways To Maintain Your Microwave Oven To Avoid Repairing

Hello friends through these blogs I want to give information on how to avoid repairing the microwave which is often used in daily life so friends let’s start our topic now.

The microwave is a very important kitchen appliance in the winter season which offers great facility in our daily life. unfortunately, most people use their microwaves in daily life without giving proper maintenance

1. Keep Your Microwave Oven Clean

This is the best way through this you can extend the longevity of your microwave by cleaning it regularly .you may not realize that food and liquid scatter can absorb the power, dominant to burn spots and even cause a portion of the warm-up. you can also use materials such as paper towels wax paper.

2. Choose Dishware Carefully

You must take note of the fact that materials that are not microwave safe can damage or explode. So for the sake of the safety and longevity of your microwave, then you should only use microwave-safe dishware. For instance, ceramic glass and plastic items are safe for your microwave.

3. Avoid Empty On Running

Don’t run the microwave empty. This is because when it is empty the energy of the microwave produce must be absorbed by its own components, such as the glass or the magnetron that produces energy. so you must avoid running your microwave even empty at any point in time.

4. Take Care Of The Door OF Microwave

Often microwave users use the elbow to slam the door shut because the hands are not free. However, this is a very risky thing to do because when a microwave door latches shut, there are 3 different switches that need to close in a particulars order. You do not see them at work but these switches have to close in sequences to let the microwave know that the door is closed or open so we care for this.

5. Know When To Call For Help

Microwaves are complex appliances. the capacitor for instance can maintain a large amount of charge even after you unplug the microwave. Apart from routine cleaning is must be done. You should not attempt to repair any part of the microwave yourself.

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