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Fridge Repair Tips

#10 Tips To Maintain Your Fridge After Service

Hello, friends. Do you excited to know some tips regarding stop the repair of the fridge so through these blogs I want to give complete information about how to get rid of the repairing of the fridge. Now a daily routine life we are dependent on the fridge. because it is a very beneficial appliance in a new era of life. We regularly use this appliance for saving our food , cooling water and so on. So it is our duty to how to improve the longevity of our fridge appliances and we also gives you best tips to maintain your fridge after service. And avoid to repairing your fridge

1.Clean the coils of the condenser everyday

Most of the fridge problems arise due to problems with the condenser coils. But if you clean the coils on a regular basis then you can avoid about 60-70%of these problems. The cleaning must be done at least twice a year as dirt and dust tend to get accumulated. you can use a brush and vacuum to clean the coils so that heat can get released easily. thus avoiding chances of fridge this is the first tip to maintain your fridge after service

2. Do not forget the door gasket

Another useful tip to avoid any kinds of fridge repairs is to clean the door gasket every now and then. the gasket maintenance technique can go better but this expenditure can be avoided if you do not ignore this.. a lot of sticky things can stick to the gasket and must be wiped off to forget the tearing of the that you can easily maintain your fridge after service.

3. The control of temperature must be checked properly

It is very important to keep the temperature controls to the mid settings. The best setting for your refrigerator is to keep the temperature between 38 degree F And 42 Degree  F. for the freezer on the other hand the right setting is  between 0 and 10 degree F .We should try to focus on this issue and avoid it too.

4. Clean the condenser fan to prevent fridge repair

Most of the time people forget the cleaning of the condenser fan. but it is a very important way to keep your fridge in a long way working. You have to simply done with taking a  brush and clean the condenser fan regularly.  Avoid striking the dust particle on the condenser fan. so that your fridge works regularly in an easy way.

5. Clear and clean the vents of the freezer

It is very important to know that vents are very important for the freezer because it allows the air circulation and increases the capacity of the freezer and makes the temperature balance. To avoid this hindrance we should always clean the vents of the freezer and save your time and money. Its very easy to maintain your fridge after service.

6. Melt the ice

  • Melt the ice in the intel tube completely and dry the water using a hair dryer.
  •  You should do this process until and unless water stops dripping from the tube  
  • So that your fridge works properly.
  • And turn off the switch.

7. Clean the drain hole properly

  • You should use a hair dryer to melt any ice buildup.
  • Clean the meltwater with a sponge. and then clean up around the drain hole.
  • Put a tube in the drain hole and blow out any dust particles from the freezer.

8. Don’t overload heavy material inside the fridge

My suggestion is that to avoid your fridge from repairing you should focus that you do not try to overload the fridge and do not put inside the fridge heavy material. they impacted the glass in the fridge and that’s why you should avoid the fridge from repairing.

9. Stay at the level of the fridge

If your fridge is not at a proper level then you should try to maintain the level of the fridge and adjust the level using tools and shelves close the fridge door in a tight way so that inside the cooling has been occurring. because it is beneficial for the fridge from repairing.

10. Cover the food inside the fridge

It is very important to know that most of the time many people forget the cover food. If your food is suddenly expelled from the bowl it damages the internal system of the fridge. and collapses the gas of the freezer. so we should try to focus on this.

So these all tips are best if you want to maintain your fridge after service.

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